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Peter Dikih
H.B.Sc., M.Ed (counselling)
Counsellor and Consultant

Professional Background

Professional Experience

I was born and raised in the London area. I have been married since 2000 and have four children. I am a graduate of the University of Western Ontario, where I obtained a Bachelor of Science degree (Honors Physiology and Psychology) and a Master of Education degree (Counselling).

I have been providing formal psychotherapy and counselling since 1996.. Throughout my counselling career, I have been serving individuals, couples and families. I have also consulted with professional treatment providers as well as to case managers and insurance adjusters/adjudicators. Since 2010, I have worked as a Clinical Manager where I have been providing supervision, consultation and direction to counsellors and providing clinical insights and consultation to referral sources (e.g., STD and LTD case managers, Occupational Health and HR personnel, and other organizational leaders/managers).

Alongside my various employment roles, I have been providing counselling and psychotherapy through my private counselling practice.

I am passionate about helping individuals, couples and families to function at their full potential - helping them become whole, healthy and vibrant. To learn more about my counselling background and approach, please see Counselling and Psychotherapy.

I am also passionate about assisting organizations operate at their full potential by becoming more effective and efficient, from a Human Resources perspective. I believe it is critical to have the right people, doing the right things with the right attitude. To achieve this, employees and volunteers require great leadership and management as well as having great team dynamics and appropriate resources and tools to do their job with excellence. I believe that leaders and managers have a tremendous impact on people's general well-being and workplace performance and productivity. Given the above, my desire is to provide support to leaders and managers to assist them in their critical roles.

To learn more about the leadership support services I provide, please see Leadership Support.


Registered Psychotherapist with the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario (CRPO) - Reg. # 003296.

I attended the University of Western Ontario, where 1995, I obtained a Bachelor of Science degree (Honors Physiology and Psychology) and in 1997, I obtained a Master of Education degree (Counselling). During my Master degree, I completed a double major in career and personal counseling. In 2011, I successfully completed a 15 month Arrow Leadership Program, in the Executive Leader stream.

Professional Development

I am committed to continuous professional development. Every year, I engage in continuous professional development related to counselling, psychotherapy and leadership.

Professional Associations

Member of the Ontario Association of Mental Health Professional (OAMPP) - Number 2039-G.