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Peter Dikih
H.B.Sc., M.Ed (counselling)
Counsellor and Consultant
Counselling and Leadership
Support Services
Peter Dikih
H.B.Sc., M.Ed (Counselling)
Registered Psychotherapist (#003296)
Counsellor and Consultant
"Get all the advice and instruction you can, and be wise the rest of your life." Proverbs 19:20
My passion is helping individuals, couples and families to thrive; and helping leaders and organizations to excel. I provide a safe and confidential place where problems can be shared, solutions identified, barriers overcome, progress achieved and success celebrated.

Barriers to a Great Life

Most people never experience living a life of wholeness and vibrancy. The following are some of the barriers individuals have to really living life to the fullest:

  • Unresolved hurts and unmet needs
  • Living in the past or being too consumed with avoiding fears
  • Distorted thinking and believing myths and lies
  • Bad attitudes, poor habits and harmful addictions
  • Poor self-care and lacking balance in life
  • Being too busy doing nice things but not the most important things
  • Not having a clear sense of who they are and what they should achieve in life
  • Lacking a clear sense of meaning, purpose and direction
  • Not having an effective strategy and a sustainable action plan
  • Lacking the skills, insights and resources to implement changes and achieve goals successfully
  • Not having sound guidance, sufficient support and clear perspectives from others

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Leading with Excellence

Most leaders wonder what it takes to be a great leader. The following are some keys attributes.

  • Adaptable
    Willing and able to adjust to new or changing conditions that results in thriving.
  • Trusting
    Trusting others with the appropriate and required information, insights, responsibilities, and authority.
  • Trustworthy
    Displaying excellent character and competence.
  • Rewarding
    Giving recognition, appreciation and encouragement.
  • Inspiring
    Evoking passion and commitment that results in excellence in performance and behaviour.
  • Bold
    Pursuing calling, purpose, vision, goals etc. with courage, passion, and perseverance, no matter the obstacles and challenges faced.
  • Unifying
    Aligning diverse people to a common cause, purpose, vision, goal, etc.
  • Team-oriented
    Working collaboratively and cooperatively with other people instead of trying to be a lone ranger.
  • Energetic
    Sustaining high-level performance.
  • Spiritual
    Providing a compelling vision and convincing people to dedicate to a mission or cause greater than their individual ambitions.
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