Most people want to feel and function well. They want to do well as individuals, in their relationships and perform well in all of their endeavors. They want to be healthy physically, mentally, emotionally, socially and spiritually. They desire to feel loved, cared for and accepted. They also want to have a positive impact on others in their life.

Unfortunately, most people never experience living such a life of wholeness and vibrancy. The following are some of the barriers individuals have to really living life to the fullest:

  • Unresolved hurts and unmet needs
  • Living in the past or being too consumed with avoiding fears
  • Distorted thinking and believing myths and lies
  • Bad attitudes, poor habits and harmful addictions
  • Poor self-care and lacking balance in life
  • Being too busy doing nice things but not the most important things
  • Not having a clear sense of who they are and what they should achieve in life
  • Lacking a clear sense of meaning, purpose and direction
  • Not having an effective strategy and a sustainable action plan
  • Lacking the skills, insights and resources to implement changes and achieve goals successfully
  • Not having sound guidance, sufficient support and clear perspectives from others

I believe that I have learned many insights and skills that help me understand people and help them overcome their barriers. I believe that I have gained the critical and relevant knowledge, insights and wisdom from my formal education, professional development, books I have read and clients I have served. I want to offer you this knowledge, insights and wisdom for life.

Areas of Speciality

Personal Counselling

Within personal and psychological counseling and psychotherapy, I assist clients with a variety of issues and challenges including:

Mental / Emotional

  • depression, anxiety, stress, grief, anger and critical incident and mid-life crisis counselling
  • developmental learning disabilities

Relationship / Interpersonal

  • couples – including dating, pre-marital & marital relationships
  • blended families and separation/divorce recovery
  • family, parenting, friendships and work place relationships


  • chronic pain, general health and self-care
  • physical disabilities


  • addictions, co-dependency, communication, conflict resolution and anger management
  • breaking bad habits and developing appropriate habits
  • time management and goal achievement
  • managing finances and developing priorities


  • discovering purpose, meaning and direction in life
  • issues related to identity, destiny, faith and hope
  • clarifying core beliefs, values and attitudes

Career Counselling

I also provide students and adults with academic, career and employment counselling. Services I offer include:

Career and Academic

  • Assessments (aptitudes, personality style, achievement levels and vocational interests)
  • Identifying most suitable careers and occupations
  • Course and program selection
  • Disability accommodation (e.g., learning and physical challenges)
  • Overcoming barriers (e.g., emotional, behavioural, social and practical)
  • School-to-work transition


  • Improving work attendance, performance and productivity
  • Handling heavy workloads and challenging bosses
  • Being a great team player and coping with challenging colleagues
  • Consulting to leaders and managers


I primarily use client-centered, solution-focused and cognitive behavioural approaches. This addresses the individual’s beliefs, values and attitudes in order to adjust their thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

In addition, when counseling, I consider the whole person (e.g., their mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, social and vocational condition and well-being) and align myself with Christian principles and perspectives.

My desire is to guide each person to lead a healthy and adaptive lifestyle. I am not satisfied with simply helping individuals to cope with life, but rather to find healing, so that they are able to thrive and function at their full potential - enjoying a fulfilling, healthy and balanced life.

Clientele Served

I provide counselling to individuals, couples and families. I am comfortable working with adults, youth and school-aged children; and working with both genders. I have expertise in personal and career related issues, see Areas of Specialty.

I provide counselling in person or over the telephone. I am available to serve clients at my office or at client's home or office. To connect with me and or to schedule an appointment see Contact.

Clientele Served

Although I have primarily worked with teenagers and adults, I am also comfortable working with children, six years old and older. I have worked extensively with both genders.

Referral Sources

  • Focus on the Family
  • The Western Ontario District of the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada
  • The Anger Management Counselling Practice
  • Previous clients
  • Churches

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